Will homeowners insurance pay for rodent damage?

Besides, the “ick” factor rodents are extremely destructive, dangerous for health and distracting. Yes, distracting and especially for women. Once you see or hear one on these squeaking about, you can’t help but think about where it went and where it will come out from. That aside, if your house is in-fact infested with these furry irritations, there will likely be or soon be holes in your house walls. Wood is a plaything to them. Nobody potty-trained them, so of course, they will be urinating and pooping whenever they feel like it, no matter the place. And don’t you dare think that just because their poop is small, it’s no big deal. A single rat can poop 2500 times a year, plus there are almost always more than four around. Count that. You will be thinking of nothing but how to remove them. But can your house insurance help you get some money for the destruction the rodents cause?

Are there rodents on your property?

Check your house for traces and evidence of rodent infestations. The most likely places are the attic, roof, gap between the walls and the basement. If you find their poop, it can also tell you a lot about the situation. Almost identify which rodent if co-occupying your house. You could also hear noises of scratching, chewing, and gnawing, squeaking or them scurrying around from behind the walls. Or spot them in your kitchen or bathroom. Where there’s one, there are more. Check for holes and damage on the walls and corners; you might even find a nest in the attic.

What to expect?

It has always been better not to raise your hopes up. It means you are ready for the worst case scenario. Sorry but this one of those cases. Your homeowner's insurance most likely doesn’t cover the damage and expense from your rodent and any similar critter infestation. There is a slight chance that yours might be different. It is better to call and ask them about it. Or better, properly, inquire about everything your insurance policy does and doesn’t cover. But the result is still most likely to disappoint you. So, sorry but you’re on your own here.

You’re on your own

The insurance policy has betrayed you. Don’t fret. Rodent dealing isn’t all that hard to deal with. Fist confirm what kind of rodent is infesting the house. If it’s the regular mice and rats. You can go right ahead and buy some snap traps. Set them around the place they frequently move around. Anything works as bait for these guys. Trying to exclude them doesn’t help, more replace them. If its squirrels or others, the state law might interfere with you harming them. So change of strategy, get the live-cage-traps instead. And the rest is the same.

Call the professionals

You could deal with it yourself, or better, let the professionals do it for you. These guys are specifically qualified to handle this type of situations. This is the work they do on a daily basis. These pros will figure out the type of infestation and work out the best way to tackle it for you. All you've got to do is give them some bucks, sit back and relax.

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